Message on the core value of contending for a City of Refuge.

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Tom Stolz shares on one of LightHOP's Core Values:

"To establish Kalamazoo as a city of refuge and an ambassador location of the kingdom government of Jesus Christ (Philadelphia). (Revelation 3:10, Luke 21:36, Joel 2:18-20)"

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Samantha Stolz shares on the LightHOP's Core Values.  You can find them all at

Tom Stolz talks about LightHOP's Core Value:

"To commit to maturing in speaking truth in love unto releasing judgment with Jesus by prayer and worship (Ephesians 4/Psalm 149/Revelation 8)"

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Third installament in the teaching about the Tabernacle of David "Must Haves".  This one is on the spirit of prophecy.

Stephanie Kyhn talks about Israel, one LightHOP's Core Values.  Steph specifically covers the fall feasts.

Steph's notes are here:

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Tom Stolz shares a message introducing a LightHOP Core Value: The Tabernacle of David

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