Last in the series on the Tabernacle of David "Must Haves."

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Principles of David's Tabernacle.  Focus is on the required expense of the tabernacle.  Notes can be found here:

Tom Stolz shares part 5 of the Tabernacle of David "must haves" for LightHOP.

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Part 4 of Tabernacle "must haves."  From Midnight Cry

Tom Stolz sharing on the "must haves" of David's Tabernacle.  This message is on order.

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David Kyhn sharing on moving from lukewarm to wholehearted, among other things!

Third installament in the teaching about the Tabernacle of David "Must Haves".  This one is on the spirit of prophecy.

Part one of a series laying out "must haves" of the Tabernacle of David worship and prayer order.

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